We are experiencing times of major disruption that are forcing companies to rethink their business models. Digitalisation, constantly growing customer demands and fragmented value chains pose major challenges for businesses everywhere. Customer- and market-centricity is the key to success ensuring sustainable relevance for the target group. Maintaining a holistic view of the value chain within the business model is imperative. Thus, we unite two seemingly contradictory elements of business success: rigorous analysis and a creative approach to problem solving.

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Organic growth

Given today’s dynamic, fast-paced world, if your business is standing still, it’s actually moving backwards. Companies must always be in motion, should evolve and always move with the times. Constant innovation and expansion into new business areas are crucial for success.

We support you as a think tank, with deep market and customer knowledge. We provide a holistic view of the competitive landscape, specific markets, brands and people and identify new business areas and potential for you both at home and abroad.

We accompany you with the digital transformation of your existing business model to ensure future value creation. 


High level strategic advice for value proposition and market launch

We at Aditya Birla Group have been delighted to work with Creative Advantage on a project to discover consumer insights and potential winning propositions for one of the products in our portfolio that we are looking to launch in the market. Creative Advantage not only met the brief but exceeded it by challenging us and helping us fine-tune the brief itself, doing very insightful and diligent consumer studies and building on the results with a high level of strategic advice on how we should approach the consumer and the market. Would strongly recommend them.

Prakash Nedungadi , Group Head Customer Insights & Brand Development, Aditya Birla Group

Customer, market & trend analysis

The starting point for all strategic considerations is market and trend analysis. On the basis of figures available in the company, via desk research or quantitative and qualitative studies by our in-house market research department, we collect all data points that are important for the analysis. Markets are subject to constant change, which is why we deal intensively and proactively with the relevant trends. From the mega level to the socio-cultural level to the industry trends that influence the development of the brand.

We work strictly hypothesis-based and go into depth where we suspect the problems are. We constantly evolve our methodology and approaches, combining strategic planning with agility and speed, and analytical rigour with creative impetus. We use our cross-sector competence and your deep expertise to verify or falsify hypotheses in a collaborative process.

The challenge of the unknown future is so much more exciting than the stories of the accomplished past

- Simon Sinek -

Target group analysis &
Customer Journey

Determining the target group is one of the most important strategic prerequisites for successful brand positioning. We approach the relevant target group via internal data sources, desk research, netnography as well as qualitative and quantitative primary research. We are interested in socio-demographic data and facts, but above all in expectations and goals as well as needs and motives of the target group.

Once the target group has been defined, it can be transferred into personas to make it tangible for all employees and to stage it along the entire customer journey at every relevant customer contact point.

Competitive analysis

Nothing is so neglected in market observation as a close look at competitors. Mostly we squint at their successes, innovations or market share gains, but a proper examination often does not take place.

However, you can learn a lot for your own business from the detailed competitor analysis. Important questions that we ask in the analysis include:

Important questions we ask in the analysis include:

  • Which brands, products and providers operate in the relevant market segment?
  • What brands and offerings are there in the wider market or industry?
  • Which brands does a typical customer of our brand have in their relevant set?
  • Which brands or companies could enter the market and become competitorsin the future ?
  • What other products or services can customers use to satisfy the same need as their own brand?
  • Which disruptive offers could make your own offer superfluous in the future?

Corporate Purpose

These days companies and brands are expected to firmly anchor the major global issues such as environmental protection, sustainability and social justice in their values and to assume responsibility for all of their stakeholders alongside striving for profitable growth.

The impact of corporate purpose goes far beyond this both internally and externally. Only when the purpose of a brand or a company is inseparably linked to its value creation can the purpose truly deliver its full potential.

We advise you on the optimal design of your value chain and partner with you to find ways of linking the pursuit of profitable growth with the pursuit of the common good.

We support you in the areas of:

  • Organic growth
  • Business field development and expansion
  • Market & Trend Analysis
  • Target group analysis & customer journey
  • Competitive analysis
  • Corporate Purpose

Insights into our work

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