Stay like a friend at the Ace Hotel New York (Evergreen)

The choice of places to stay in New York and especially Manhattan is almost unmanageable. By chance, during my travel preparations, I came across the Ace Hotel, a boutique hotel that is present in several major American cities. I decided relatively quickly to book a room there and, in addition to an interesting stay in New York, I experienced a very differentiating brand concept in the hotel sector.

Because in the hotel brochure called "Survivor's Guide", the operators set themselves the goal of offering the guest a hotel where you feel as if you have a friend in the respective big city where you are staying.

The first impression is a very stylish one. The lobby - like the entire hotel - is characterised by dark colours and dim lighting. Certainly not everyone's cup of tea. Once in the room, one quickly becomes aware of the hotel's individual approach. There is an acoustic guitar in the corner, a record player on the desk with a few selected vinyl records. Not decoration, but equipment - however, I did not hear any guitar sounds from the rooms, and due to my lack of mastery of the instrument, I only stroked the strings once upon arrival. On the other hand, the spacious room lacked a wardrobe. On the wardrobe and the somewhat unusual shelf construction, however, it was possible to store the contents of my suitcase.


 Across a dark corridor...


 ... into the room with guitar and record player

It is ultimately the communication style and the staff that distinguishes the Ace most from classic hotels. There are nice little messages everywhere, for example in the lift or on the coat hangers. There is even a message on the card for the W-LAN access code: if you scan the QR code on the back, you get the motto of the hotel: "Everything is going to be alright". The staff consists without exception of people of university age or at most just after. At first glance, some are difficult to recognise as service staff, and you won't find classic hotel uniforms here. But this does not detract from the friendliness, attentiveness and professionalism.


Communication in the lift...


... and on the hanger

The quasi-forced informal atmosphere of the hotel apparently also appeals to New Yorkers. During the day, the lobby of the hotel is full of (apparently) freelancers who use the free W-LAN with their obligatory Apple computers and get drinks from the hotel's very popular coffee shop. In the evening, the lobby becomes even more crowded when people meet for a cocktail to DJ sounds or live music.

I enjoyed my stay at the Ace Hotel. Because apart from all the trappings and the special atmosphere, it also fulfils the core requirement of an upscale hotel - it is a comfortable place to stay with attentive service.

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