Due to the unsettled global political situation, companies and managers experience the perfect stress test every day. 

The consequences are bad business decisions and high stress levels. The team spirit has also suffered in the last 2 years due to home office, social distancing and a lack of physical togetherness. The togetherness required for strong team performance is increasingly falling by the wayside.

Since the pandemic, we have therefore been offering our clients "Situational Strategy Coaching (SSC)" as a powerful tool, specifically tailored to these challenges, with the sustainably strong combination of strategic consulting and personality and team development in one project.

What does that mean in concrete terms?

You brief a strategic or personal issue for which you need support. Together we develop a strategic approach that you can test directly in your daily work and that we develop further 'on the go'. This means we work simultaneously on a strong strategic solution AND strengthen the power and togetherness of the individual or team.

This happens on the one hand through analytically precise and well-founded strategy work and on the other hand through highly individualized individual and team coaching tailored to personal needs.


Benefit from over 20 years of consulting experience with a wide range of issues and across a variety of industries

Because the current challenges require the use of the entire personality: professionally AND individually. 

Seize the opportunity to emerge stronger from the crisis.

Alternative Team Building Tools

In addition to traditional coaching at your location, in our beautiful meeting room or via Zoom or Teams, we work with a large bouquet of team building tools that we have tested and also developed ourselves over the past years.

This also includes many outdoor approaches (especially in the cold season), from "Walk and Talk" to social engagements and our very popular horse-supported team and leadership training in the North Heath.
If you are now curious, want to do something really good for your team and thus the success of the company and want to emerge strengthened from the crisis, contact us.

Interest aroused? - Contact us now

Dr Annette Bruce, Managing Director

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