Corporate Purpose - the success concept of the future

How attitude can combine the common good and profitability

by Dr Annette Bruce and Christoph Jeromin

In this book, the authors explain what Corporate Purpose is and why it will fundamentally change a company. Corporate decision-makers will learn how Corporate Purpose can deliver its potential benefits to the company and the common good at the same time. Readers receive a guide and a lot of practical knowledge to develop and implement a sustainable business model with strong brands and a convincing contribution to the common good on the basis of purpose. With a total of 16 detailed practical examples from start-ups to medium-sized businesses to global players as well as a guest article on the topic of "Responsible Ownership" by Achim Hensen of the Purpose Foundation.

Agile brand management

How to make your brand strong for dynamic markets

by Dr Annette Bruce and Christoph Jeromin

This book shows how agile brand management can succeed in dynamic markets. The digital world forces companies to expand the pure stability and continuity function of brand positioning to include scope for agility and adaptability. The authors very clearly present the success factors of agile brand management in order to be able to master the required paradigm shift. Each of the success factors is combined with a detailed recommendation for action, which the reader can use for his professional and management practice. The entire argumentation is illustrated and supported by practical examples.

Critical competence in management

The influence of critical competence on the professional success of managers

by Dr Annette Bruce

In the context of intensifying competition, an increasingly internationally networked economy and a shortage of competent human resources, Annette Bruce's dissertation takes up the relevance of the social competence of managers for success. For the first time, she develops and explores the construct of critical competence as an important facet of social competence. The book is aimed at teachers and researchers in social and business psychology, but above all at executives or managers with personnel responsibility who want to use the success factor of critical competence for themselves and their employees.

Book contributions:

Influencer Marketing (Marlis Jahnke, ed.)

Brand strategic fit in influencer marketing: The brand in the field of tension between continuity and freedom

Contribution by Dr Annette Bruce and Christoph Jeromin

Forum Markenforschung 2016 (Carsten Baumgarth and Holger J. Schmidt, eds.)

In the area of tension between continuity and dynamics: transferring the agility concept to brand management

Contribution by Dr Annette Bruce and Christoph Jeromin

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