Podcast #40 | What you need to know now to make your company more sustainable and what role BCorp can play in this process

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My guest in this episode is Karry Schwettmann. She is a trainer and facilitator for the BCorp company certification and an expert in sustainability communication.

Karry is an expert in the German-speaking world who has been involved in the BCorp movement from the very beginning and is a certified BLeader. In the podcast, we learn from her how companies can get started with more sustainable management and how BCorp and the BCorp assessment can support them. 

We talk about why, when it comes to sustainability, "the journey is the destination" more than ever, why transparency is a decisive factor on the way there and why sustainability management should neither belong in a specialist department nor be understood as a project, but must be anchored in the overall strategy of the company if it is to lead to the desired success. To get started, Karry recommends that companies conduct a materiality analysis in order to become aware of the interests of their various stakeholders and actively engage in dialogue with them.

Karry also pleads for a new understanding of authenticity and calls on companies to become more courageous in stating the facts, because she is convinced that the communication department can make an important contribution on the way to more sustainability with a strong sustainability narrative. 

Look forward to concrete and directly implementable tips and valuable do's and don'ts of sustainability management.


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