Making the brand unique

The heart of strategic brand work

Positioning is the core of strategic brand work. It locates the brand in the competitive environment and brings the brand's strengths into focus. Brand positioning requires a thorough analysis of the brand's environment to ensure that the brand is the most attractive proposition in the eyes of customers at all times. 

For this purpose, we have developed the Brand Positioning Canvas (BPC), our tool for deriving a strong, sustainable brand positioning.

The BPC is an optimal tool for developing the positioning as a central control tool and differentiator for the brand through an intensive and structured examination of the customers, the competition and one's own company.

Strong positioning appropriate to the target group is essential for:

  • the repositioning of an existing brand
  • the introduction of a new brand
  • the development of new target groups or geographical markets
  • the optimisation of your brand architecture or your brand portfolio strategy
  • Efficient market segmentation
  • the development of sustainable personas

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