Innovations ensure tomorrow's success

  • Occupy new markets, target groups or business areas
  • Expand or take over innovation leadership
  • Establish efficient innovation funnel management

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The consultation is worthwhile for...

Corporate decision-makers who want to steer the future of their company through innovation
.... to secure future growth at an early stage and in the long term.

Marketeers who want to generate insights into the needs of their customers
... to develop customer-centric innovation ideas.

Marketing managers who want to keep their brand attractive in the long term
... to strengthen the loyalty of their customers.

Decision-makers who want to develop new products and new business models
... to stay one step ahead of the competition.

Market researchers who want to understand the needs of their target group
... in order to be able to provide the specialist departments with insights into potential market opportunities.

Marketing managers who want to secure the future success of their brand
... through offers tailored to target groups and trends.

High customer orientation and flexibility in new product development

"...the incredible flexibility and customer orientation at Creative Advantage is particularly noteworthy - can't be done, doesn't exist."

Sonja Gmelin - Marketing Director Europe, YOGI TEA

3 steps to innovation

You have the choice. Let us advise you now on the most promising approach for you.

Trend pulse

  • Customer:Internal, market and trend analysis based on existing data or desk research
  • Inspiring trend impulse on site or digitally
  • Idea generation and evaluation in interdisciplinary, cross-functional team workshop 

Qualitative, explorative idea stimulus

  • Customer-centred exploration: Customer Connect - Home Interviews and Shop-Alongs with 1-100 participants
  • Idea generation in interdisciplinary, cross-functional team
  • Deriving product and/or brand concepts and innovative business models
  • Finetuning and evaluation

Innovation management and funnel building

  • Trend pulse
  • Qualitative, explorative idea stimulus
  • Deriving product and/or brand concepts and innovative business models
  • Development of a detailed roadmap with milestones, costs and responsibilities

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Your specialists for Analysis and market research

  • More than 20 years of experience in strategic brand analysis and consumer research 
  • Insighting research groups on all continents
  • Industry-independent, involving, efficient and with a guarantee of success

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