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Influencer Marketing - Reference Book Contribution by Creative Advantage

Influencer marketing is still a much-discussed field of brand communication. With "Influencer Marketing" by editor Marlis Jahnke, Springer Gabler Verlag will soon publish a book that illuminates all aspects of influencer marketing, including a contribution by Dr. Annette Bruce and Christoph Jeromin.

The book explains in a well-founded and pragmatic way all the decisive success factors of influencer marketing - both for companies and for influencers. Marketing professionals learn how to best integrate influencer marketing into their communication strategy, how to find the right influencers and according to which concrete rules the cooperation works optimally.

The article by Dr. Annette Bruce and Christoph Jeromin "Brand Strategic Fit in Influencer Marketing: The Brand in the Field of Tension between Continuity and Freedom" deals with the brand strategic foundations for influencer marketing and what these mean concretely for the operational design. Because the participation of fundamentally independent personalities in the form of influencers in brand communication presents corporate decision-makers with the challenge of reconciling the goals of the brand with the freedom and authenticity aspects of influencer marketing.

More about the book and the possibility to pre-order here at Springer Gabler or Amazon.

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