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Success is decided at the very beginning

Everything starts with the idea. Or it stops right away, before it has even begun. The relevance of the initial idea is often underestimated. (The idea sounds good and exciting and maybe we don't want to get in the colleague's way right away, or we think it's a good idea, but we see the huge amount of work that this idea will mean for us. )

Good ideas are usually not the result of spontaneous creativity but require a concerted process that focuses on understanding the needs of customers. Which customer needs are not yet satisfied today? - What are trends that are moving out of the niche and into the mainstream? - In which direction are competitors developing? - Which new technologies allow thinking in new dimensions?

With our workshop series, we guide you through an efficient idea generation process and ensure that the ideas that go into your funnel have the potential to become really great products. 

Idea generation

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