"Involve me,
and I understand"

Understanding the target group is the basis of successful brand work

It is not easy to really understand your target group. Describing a target group solely in terms of socio-demographic data is usually not enough. If you want to understand, you must first and foremost be able to listen.

Our explorative qualitative market research is designed to put you in personal contact with your target group. PowerPoint charts cannot replace a real customer:inside experience. 

Face-to-face exchange has become more difficult in the pandemic, but not impossible. Research in presence is possible again and we have developed a variety of successful digital options for direct qualitative exchange with the target group in the last 2 years. 

We offer qualitative and quantitative market research for B2B and B2C markets, face-to-face and digital

  • Explorative customer and consumer workshops
  • Expert:Inside and Influencer:Inside Workshops
  • Individual interviews, small group discussions and explorations with large groups
  • Quantitative surveys such as concept tests or potential checks
  • Customer Connect: Home Interviews and Shop-Alongs with 1-100 participants
  • Customer journey analyses
  • Fundamental studies - local, national and above all also global
  • Establishment and support of insight communities
  • Added value:


    Individual exploratory methodology

    We don't do market research "off the peg". From our broad spectrum of methods, we set up a process tailored to your research topics.


    Direct involvement

    We make sure that you and your team experience your customers first-hand instead of just reading reports. 


    International research

    With our partner network, we generate customer insights for you worldwide, either live on site or digitally, as desired.


    Implementation orientation

    Customer insights are the basis of our strategic work. From them, we derive decision-making principles and recommendations for action with and for you. 

    Exploratory market research

    Further consulting services

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