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These days companies and brands are expected to firmly anchor the major global issues such as environmental protection, sustainability and social justice in their values and to assume responsibility for all of their stakeholders alongside striving for profitable growth.

The impact of corporate purpose goes far beyond this both internally and externally. Only when the purpose of a brand or a company is inseparably linked to its value creation can the purpose truly deliver its full potential. 

We advise you on the optimal design of your value chain and partner with you to find ways of linking the pursuit of profitable growth with the pursuit of the common good.

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Benefits of Corporate Purpose


Stronger customer loyalty

In many markets today, customers demand more than functional and emotional benefits. Brands can achieve purpose-driven credible differentiation and thus more loyal customers.


Competitive advantage in the war for talent

An effectively anchored and communicated purpose can help to attract employees and retain them in the long term.


Orientation and focus

Purpose provides direction in complex market situations and facilitates decision-making for management, staff and other stakeholders.


Drivers for stakeholder value

Purpose-driven companies create added value for many different stakeholders - financially, economically, ecologically, socially or societally.

Our offer


One-day workshop in which we evaluate the potential of your Purpose:

  • Does our company have a purpose and is it linked to the actual purpose of the company?
  • If not? - Does the company have potential for a purpose-centred strategy?
  • What added value can Purpose develop in our company?
  • What needs to happen in order to successfully implement the Purpose in the company?

Together we test the construct of Corporate Purpose, put it into your company context and evaluate the potential for your company.


Your company has a purpose or you want to check whether it has a purpose and how you want to make it useful for the company?

We offer you a comprehensive Purpose Quest with the following content:

Brave Identity: Decoding your own Purpose

Brave Potential: Evaluating added value for the common good and businesses

Brave Heart: Making a commitment within the company

Brave Action: Anchoring the Purpose in the Company

Brave Architecture: Anchoring the Purpose Firmly in the Corporate Structure

Brave Future: Living Purpose


A corporate purpose is not something for the changing room of the boardroom. A purpose must be lived if it is to have an impact in the company and for the common good.

To achieve this, the purpose must be firmly anchored in the corporate structures.

We support you in the development of purpose-led structures and in the development of internal and external communication strategies.

The more authentic and the more consistently and essentially connected to the core of the company's internal and external values, the higher the contribution to success in the company.

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Dr Annette Bruce, Managing Director

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