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Amazon own brands - how the e-commerce giant positions its growing brand portfolio

Amazon's success as a digital trading platform has made the brand one of the most valuable in the world. But in more and more product categories, Amazon is no longer just a powerful retailer, but also a direct competitor for brand owners. Amazon's own brands are available for shoppers to choose from using different positioning. We have analysed the current competitive situation for the German platform in more detail and created a detailed infographic.


Amazon Eigenmarken – wie der E-Commerce Gigant sein wachsendes Markenportfolio positioniert Read More »

Internationalisation of brands - Creative Advantage

Internationalisation of brands - a 3-step check for successful market entry

Opening up new geographical markets has long been an effective strategy for achieving growth for corporations and the strong, export-oriented German SME sector. In the meantime, however, start-ups are also often interested in foreign expansion at an early stage. In doing so, they all face the question: How do I approach the internationalisation of my brand and increase the chance of a successful market entry? 


Internationalisierung von Marken – ein 3-Stufen-Check für den erfolgreichen Markteintritt Read More »

Competitive strategy - cover

Competitive strategy - what brands can learn from football clubs

Competition is an essential part of being a brand and a competitive strategy is therefore highly important in marketing and as part of corporate strategy. But what are the implications of different competitive positions for operational brand and corporate management? To answer this question, it is worth taking a look at a "market" where competition is particularly inherent - professional football. 


Wettbewerbsstrategie – was Marken von Fußball-Clubs lernen können Read More »

Brand Strategy_Creative Advantage

Brand strategy in three steps - utilising the full value creation potential of the brand

Nicht wenige unserer Kunden kommen mit einem ganzen Schwung an aktuellen und oftmals sehr profunden Analysen, wie z. B. einer Marktsegmentierung, einer Trendstudie, einer Zielgruppenanalyse oder einer Markenkernanalyse, in die Erstberatung zum Thema Markenstrategie. Trotz aller gründlich erforschter Planeten fehlt es aber dennoch an einer eindeutigen Markenstrategie, die Orientierung für die operative Markenarbeit geben kann. …

Markenstrategie in drei Schritten – das volle Wertschöpfungspotential der Marke nutzen Read More »

Target group analysis - Creative Advantage

Target group analysis - the right start for a successful brand strategy

An in-depth knowledge of customers is fundamental for successful brand management. Customer orientation and "customer centricity" have long been high on the agenda of many companies. But how do you effectively approach target group analysis and derive benefit and value from it? This article presents suitable approaches. ...

Zielgruppenanalyse – der richtige Einstieg für eine erfolgreiche Markenstrategie Read More »

Pear Fred

How the cheeky pear FRED made it onto Swiss late night TV

Fruit - in hardly any other product category is it so difficult to successfully place new brands on the market in the long term. Time-consuming breeding, difficult product differentiation, demanding trade. But maybe the pear variety CH201, also known as "cheeky Fred", will make it... ...

Wie es die freche Birne FRED ins Schweizer Late Night TV schaffte Read More »

Now also online: the Creative Advantage Brand Positioning Canvas

Unser bewährter Brand Positioning Canvas ist per sofort auch online verfügbar. Ob für Start-Ups, Konzern-Marken oder im Mittelstand: Der Canvas ist der Entscheidungsrahmen zur Entwicklung Ihrer Markenpositionierung als Grundlage der Markenstrategie. …

Jetzt auch online: der Creative Advantage Brand Positioning Canvas Read More »

7 points for a successful brand positioning approach

Developing a brand positioning is not an everyday task. This is no wonder, as it is a central strategic management tool for companies, ideally valid in the long term, and its implementation has far-reaching consequences. In our experience, the procedure for developing a brand positioning varies greatly in terms of time and personnel. But whether you do it on your own, with the help of a workshop or on the basis of an entire project, the following points are, in our view, indispensable for a good and promising positioning result.


7 Punkte für eine erfolgreiche Vorgehensweise zur Markenpositionierung Read More »

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