Annette Bruce

Dr Annette Bruce is the founder and CEO of Creative Advantage. She is an expert in strategic corporate and brand management and a certified B Leader, author of reference books and frequent speaker at conferences and conventions.

Customer Centricity - Creative Advantage

With market intelligence to customer centricity

Sound, up-to-date market and customer knowledge is the basis of customer centricity and organic brand growth

Brand-driven, organic growth is an important strategic goal for many companies in highly competitive markets. The path to growth requires well-founded fundamental directional decisions as well as continuous evaluation of the achievement of goals.

An essential factor that supports and facilitates both of these tasks is a strong, lasting customer orientation. For those who focus on their customers with their attitudes, wishes and needs in the sense of "customer centricity" will find it easier to find the right one among the many options and to successfully follow the path to growth.bu

In this guide, we show concrete approaches on how to increase customer centricity with the help of comprehensive market intelligence. Special focus is placed on the presentation of explorative qualitative research tools to generate insights into customer and competitor behaviour and to measure the performance of a brand.

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