Business implementation is only as good as the strategy upon which it is based. As an integrated management consultancy and marketing agency, we have been combining strategic thinking with impactful and efficient implementation for over 20 years to build future-proof brands: sustainable, digital, customer- and forward-looking - for start-ups, medium-sized companies and large corporates. 

The core of strategy consulting is to understand the company, its structure, its environment and above all its customers on the basis of sound analyses. This understanding forms the foundation for communication development, which ensures visibility, perception and independence. 

And it is precisely at this intersection that we do not leave you alone, but not only initiate change processes, but also let the strategy be followed by implementation. In products that convince, in strong images that inspire and sustainably bind the target group and in meaningful campaigns that involve and stay in people's minds.

In short, we combine first-class research and analysis with strategic vision and creative implementation. 


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Dr Annette Bruce advises clients on new strategies in the company

Strategy & Management Consulting

What happens after the pandemic?

We are experiencing times of major disruption that are forcing companies to rethink their business models. Digitalisation, constantly growing customer demands and fragmented value chains pose major challenges for businesses everywhere. Customer- and market-centricity is the key to success ensuring on-going relevance for the target group. Maintaining a holistic view of the value chain within the business model is imperative.

But just when companies so desperately need the creativity of well-functioning communities, the pandemic has fragmented teams, disrupted processes and created even more silos than already existed. 

We support you not only with the strategic orientation of your company and implementing impactful communication, but also in managing the change process itself. Change is a challenge for everyone. Managing the transition effectively requires dedicated expertise.

Clients use the Brand Positioning Canvas to position their brand

Brand positioning

Brand positioning is the central steering tool of brand management and the entire corporate strategy. This is because the brand is the central link between the company and its target group.

A clear brand positioning provides orientation for both customers and employees. It enables decision-making and concerted action across hierarchies and functions across the entire company.

Analyses of the market are best solved via the Brand Positioning Canvas

Analysis & Market Research

The basis of every successful strategy is sound analysis. Together we analyse the structures in the company, the environment and all customer touchpoints along the entire customer journey on the basis of desk research and explorative market research. We let numbers and people speak and develop information from data and insights from opinions.

We analyse your brand's competition and potential substitutes, which often come from different technologies or adjacent industries. We analyse trends and drivers and uncover your customers‘ needs. We compare this information with an analysis of the resources and competencies available within the company and associated with the brand.

To access data that is not available within the company, we design customised market research approaches that we implement for you through in-house market research. 

A yellow apple of the Opal variety decorates a broken wall behind which nature is hidden

Corporate design, logo development, packaging & web design

The brand is the company's mouthpiece. It communicates through CI, logo, packaging and web design. We support you in the development and design of your brand: from the development of the logo, the website, the packaging design to the finished campaign. 

The conception always takes place in cooperation with you. Because a brand can only develop its full strength if it fits the target group, the market and the identity of the company.

Among other things, Maredo used a social media strategy as part of their relaunch

Online Marketing & Social Media Strategies

Today, digital marketing and social media are among the most important channels used to reach customers and create strong brands. In recent years many now well-known brands have grown to scale leveraging new channels such as Instagram and influencers.

Target your ideal audience where ever they are – usually on the move. We support your communication holistically and design multi-channel solutions.

Work examples


Embedded Consulting for the development of the international brand positioning

What I found particularly impressive in the cooperation with Creative Advantage was the comprehensive, holistic, empathetic and at the same time goal-oriented understanding of the needs and special features of the international bonprix corporate structure, strategy and culture. This understanding was the foundation and basic prerequisite for the significant course settings derived from the team in a participatory manner and for the constant focus on consumer benefits. In this way, the consulting team was able to steer the stakeholders through the complex change process with comprehensive competence and great clarity and at the same time let the internal team shape the insight journey itself - embedded consulting, help for self-help.

Lars Gerber , Head of Brand & Content Direction, bonprix

Podcast - Economy Rethinking

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