For over 20 years, we have specialised as a strategy consultancy in the growth of brands and organisations: sustainable, digital and future-oriented.

Our concept for success is based on the competence to mobilise teams and to enable them to lead their brands to long-term success: analytically, strategically and more creatively than you would expect from a strategy consultancy.


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Management & Strategy Consulting

The basis of every successful strategy is sound analysis. Together we analyse the structures in the company, the environment and all customer touchpoints along the entire customer journey on the basis of desk research and quantitative and qualitative market research and develop a customised strategy for your company.

Clients use the Brand Positioning Canvas to position their brand

Strategic brand development

For us, brand positioning is the central steering instrument of brand management and the entire corporate strategy. We believe the brand is the central link between the company and its most important partners: customers and potential customers.  

Organisational consulting and transformation

A strategy that is not anchored in the organisation cannot release the necessary impact. We support you in addressing the need for change and in initiating the necessary steps in the organisation. 

Implementation & realisation

A strategy that is not implemented consistently across all touch points cannot unfold its effectiveness in the market. Good foundations and a continuous adaptation process are needed to let the brand shine at any time and in any place. 

Work examples


Embedded Consulting for the development of the international brand positioning

What I found particularly impressive in the cooperation with Creative Advantage was the comprehensive, holistic, empathetic and at the same time goal-oriented understanding of the needs and special features of the international bonprix corporate structure, strategy and culture. This understanding was the foundation and basic prerequisite for the significant course settings derived from the team in a participatory manner and for the constant focus on consumer benefits. In this way, the consulting team was able to steer the stakeholders through the complex change process with comprehensive competence and great clarity and at the same time let the internal team shape the insight journey itself - embedded consulting, help for self-help.

Lars Gerber , Head of Brand & Content Direction, bonprix

Podcast - Economy Rethinking

Podcast #35: Carsten Baumgarth: Purpose between hype and bullshit bingo: What can the construct really achieve?

Dr Annette Bruce, Managing Director

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